RealVegy where
each dish represents the love we
have for food and our environment.
When creating our products, we think
about future generations and how we
can contribute to a healthier lifestyle
in our society.

We are a group of lovers of the planet,passionate about nutrition and committed to healthy eating. Convinced that the future of the planet depends on what we do in the
present. We formed our company in Valencia 3 years ago and since our beginnings we have continued our commitment to offer solutions so that we can contribute our bit for a better world.

We work with great enthusiasm developing vegetarian and vegan products to offer a healthy alternative to all those who decide to eat healthier with more respect for our environment and our beloved planet. We work in the present to build a better future for all of us and we welcome you all.

The people behind Real Vegy

Scherezade Munoz

Charles Dong

Rafael de la Quadra

Karyna Kotlinska

Sergio Arrue

Alexander Páez