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Plant-based meat substitutes

One of the most popular vegetable meats is based on yellow pea protein made from a mixture of ingredients and flavors.


8 good reasons to try to give up meat Health and Fitness

  1. Improve your health
  2. Helps protect the environment
  3. Meat substitutes have improved significantly
  4. There are many delicious options
  5. For the animals
  6. It is very good for weight loss
  7. It can help you look younger
  8. Even leaving it off a little makes a difference

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Vegetable meats are gaining followers in a context of an increasing vegetarian population, but also of a greater awareness of the need to reduce the consumption of animal protein and foods of animal origin.

For this reason, vegetable meats are presented as the ideal substitute for those who wish to eliminate or reduce meat consumption, thanks to their very similar appearance and taste and their great culinary versatility.

And we speak of food, in plural, because there are different types of vegetable meats, with very diverse flavors and characteristics, but all of them with infinite possibilities in the kitchen and guaranteeing a high contribution of nutrients such as carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

But not only that, vegetable meats stand out for their high contribution of vegetable protein and their low caloric content, making them incredibly healthy and beneficial to health.

One of the most popular vegetable meats is pea protein made from a mixture of ingredients and flavors. It can be found in different types of flavors, which include the absorption of flavors so that, in addition to raw, it can be cooked with techniques such as roasted, grilled, marinated or steamed.

Vegetable meats are very versatile and can be used in different dishes.
Yellow pea protein is cultivated in Canada and is prepared mixed with other ingredients and its similarity to meat is enormous. So much so that it is common to find it in stews, burgers and even breaded.
Finally, we are going to present the texturized pea protein obtained from the yellow pea by hydrating its flour or concentrate. Its form in grains makes it similar to minced meat, so it is an ideal option to substitute it.

Integrate it in your dishes
These foods stand out for their good taste, which is almost identical and as intense as that of meat, especially red meat. But beyond consuming grilled vegetable meat, this one enjoys great versatility in the kitchen, being able to be used in multiple dishes.

Pea protein can be found in many forms such as burgers, ragu, curry strips, chilli, taco mix, sausage or meatballs, and can be included in salads, lasagna or cannelloni. Textured pea protein is ideal for use as minced meat in stuffing, burgers and meatballs, and even in Bolognese sauce.