Brown Rice Protein Powder

Brown Rice Protein Powder Nutrition Facts

Brown rice protein contains an incredible amount of antioxidants and nutrients to support weight loss. Brown Rice Protein is also perfect protein supplement for vegans.

Whether you are vegan or vegetarian or just reducing the amount of animal products of your diet, it is still important that your body receives the same protein and amino acids that animal proteins provide. The good news is that plant-based proteins can still do that.

Alone, brown rice does not provide all of the nine essential amino acids that the body needs. That’s why brown rice protein powders often also contain hemp protein, pea protein or other proteins to compensate for what the brown rice lacks.

Hypoallergenic brown rice protein, packed with plant-based nutrients, will aid in muscle recovery, fat burning, stabilizing blood sugar and more.

One scoop of 20 grams brown rice protein powder contains:

  • 100 calories
  • 2 grams carbohydrates
  • 20 grams protein
  • 2 gram fat
  • 2 grams fiber
  • 5 milligrams iron
  • 39 milligrams calcium
  • 44 milligrams vitamin C

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Brown Rice Protein?

Brown Rice Protein Increases Weight Loss

Based on recent research brown rice protein support weight loss by speeding metabolism and decreasing food intake. But even more importantly; brown rice protein includes unique peptides that reduce weight gain more than those in white rice protein or soy protein.

Brown Rice Protein Is Great For Heart And Kidney Health

Brown rice protein is associated with heart health! Over the last couple of decades a study was conducted with over 29,000 postmenopausal women, following them to discover incidences of cancer, coronary heart disease and death.

Over the course of the study those participants who developed coronary heart disease had a 30 percent lower mortality rate when they consumed vegetable proteins.

Another long-term study on patients with chronic kidney disease noted the effects of vegetable proteins over animal proteins. This research showed that vegetable proteins (brown rice protein) are linked with a lower level of toxins that often build up in the blood of patients with poor kidney function.

Brown Rice Protein Reduces Glycemic Response

Every time you consume any type of nutrient your body creates a glycemic response: high or low. Nutrition affects your blood sugar levels, meaning your blood glucose and insulin levels rise after eating and then return to “fasting” levels after a couple of hours. It’s important to maintain a healthy blood glucose level.

Brown rice protein have been shown in multiple studies to reduce glycemic response across the board. That means Brown rice protein may significantly impact blood sugar spikes and help you regulate glucose levels.

Brown Rice Protein Regulates Cholesterol

Brown rice protein is a great step toward the ideal cholesterol regulation and balance. Studies show that the peptides in brown rice protein, in addition to increasing weight loss, help your liver to synthesize the cholesterol created by the liver itself and by other cells in the body.

According to Nephrology News, for each 10-gram increase in vegetable protein intake each day, the risk of death had dropped by 14 percent by the end of the study.

Brown Rice Protein Is Hypoallergenic And Easy To Digest

Brown rice protein powder is gluten-free and dairy-free. Very few people are allergic to brown rice protein, unlike whey, which is not generally recommended for people with lactose or gluten intolerance.

In addition to its hypoallergenic qualities, sprouted brown rice protein is extremely easy to digest.


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