Benefits Of Vegetable Protein

Today’s health conscious consumers are continually searching for more nutritious, cleaner, greener products.

Plant Based Proteins Market Trend

We are living an exiting period for humanity. A turning point that has led into an awareness of our environment and a higher conscious on our role to maintain balance. More people are turning into a health & wellness trend focusing on meat alternatives and a plant based protein-rich food.

Three key factors are leading the plant based exponential market growth;

  1. Dietary benefits of plant-based proteins proved by many studies along the years. Plant based proteins has less saturated fat, lower cholesterol, higher fiber, minerals and better digestibility.
  2. Environmental concerns on the negative footprint of animal raising and of course animal welfare itself.
  3. Food allergies are affecting more and more people every year incrementing the consumers with lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance.


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What is gluten and how it affects us

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How do macro-farms affects our lives?

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