Plant-based Vegan Chili


Pea protein-based shredded meat
served with a TexMex sauce and red
beans. Heat it up and go!

Plant-based Vegan Curry


The authentic and juicy flavor or our vegan
curry will transport you to India in a blink of
an eje. Our curry is accompanied by a tasty
sauce and is ready to heat and serve.

Plant-based Vegan TacoMix


The taco mix has been developed so that you can create your richest TexMex recipes. This plant-based taco mix has just the right amount of Mexican spices to customize it just the way you want it.

Plant-based Vegan Parmentier


100% vegan, 100% delicious. Our shepherd’s pie consists of creamy mashed potatoes on a bed of minced plant-based meat

Plant-based Vegan Strips


The meatiest and most versatile ingredient since chicken. Delicious 100% vegetable meat made from shredded pea protein. Enjoy it in hot or cold dishes!

Plant-based Vegan Ragu


The traditional vegan stew recipe with peas, carrots, now with pea protein plant-based meat strips so meaty and juicy that you will not believe that this stew is 100% vegan. Ready to heat and serve.








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