Plant-based Vegan Burger


RealVegy raw burger just tastes delicious and is now even meatier! Whether on the grill or in the pan, juicy enjoyment with a fibrous bite is guaranteed. Vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or meat-lover – this burger is for everyone´s taste! 

Plant-based Vegan Bratwurst


Just mouth-watering tasty!

With a crunchy bite and an unbelievably juicy meat-like taste, the RealVegy Bratwurst is the perfect companion to roasted potatoes, sauerkraut and bread.

Plant-based Vegan Nuggets


RealVegy nuggets are popular among young and old. Fried in some oil, baked in the oven or deep fried in a fryer, they are absolutely delicious for in between or with some fries.

In addition to being protein-rich, the breading is gluten-free, made of rice and corn.

Plant-based Vegan Ocean Fingers


The authentic and juicy flavor or our vegan
curry will transport you to India in a blink of
an eje. Our curry is accompanied by a tasty
sauce and is ready to heat and serve.




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